Bet on Trump


Bet on Trump

The media will deny the chaos of the DNC and play up the discord at the RNC as much as is humanly possible. But no matter how much they distort the news there is a fundamental fact they can’t change: The people in the GOP selected their candidate. The corrupt party elites in the DNC selected Hillary. When it comes time to vote, this matters.



Debbie Wasserman Shultz was booed off the stage before the DNC even got underway. Over the following days many others were booed and heckled as well. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement of Hillary was met loudly with chants of “we trusted you!”

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta’s speech was drowned out in parts by the crowd chanting, “no more war.”

To get the Oregon delegation to shut up, the DNC turned off the lights. In the video you can see them turning on their cell phone lights in response.

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