Body Double Trouble


Body Double Trouble


Did Sam inadvertently set off a conspiracy theory? On yesterday’s show (get the podcast here), Sam commented on Hillary’s body double, Cissy Spacek.


And today the internet went crazy with theories about Hillary’s real body doubles.

While that’s just a conspiracy theory. She has been getting a lot of outside help. Obama took a break from his grueling golf schedule to hit the campaign trail and resume his duties as Demagogue in Chief.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton lent his “help” the way only Slick Willy can. He did an interview on Charlie Rose in which he said Hillary “frequently” suffers these kinds of medical problems, before backtracking and calling the episodes “rare.”

Even CBS tried to help Hillary Wobbles Clinton. But the internet, wise to these media tricks, caught their selective editing.

Here’s the video clip you may have seen where Bill never says “frequently.”

And here’s the original.


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