Brexit Wounds


Brexit Wounds

When the word “Brexit” beats “porn” as the most popular Google search term, it’s probably something we should talk about.

Sam gets beneath the surface of Brexit. Most of the articles you’ve seen promoted over the past two weeks are absolute rubbish. They range from explaining Brexit as a vote for racism, xenophobia and isolationism to ringing economic doomsday bells.

We give you the big picture. Because to understand Brexit you need to understand the real reasons behind the creation of the EU and its mission since that time.

Do you have a nice DSLR camera? Have you ever wondered why the great video it takes can’t go longer than 29 minutes and 59 seconds? It’s not a problem of technology. We can thank the EU for that one.

The EU decided to put much higher tariffs on video cameras. So they arbitrarily defined a video camera as something that will take 30 minutes of continuous video. In response, makers like Canon had to cut their video times to under 30 minutes.

Multiply this over tens of thousands of regulations and you have an a continental body deciding how much cinnamon you’re allowed to put on a Danish pastry.

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