CNN: Clinton News Network


CNN: Clinton News Network

It’s absolutely crazy that in the age of transparency, media bias has become even worse. And the prime example here is CNN. Here’s the screenshot Sam took when went to read about some breaking negative news regarding Hillary Clinton. But there was absolutely no mention of her. All but one story on their front page were anti-Trump stories. Only one of the stories was labeled as ‘opinion.’ Their main story, that the secret service had ‘more than one conversation’ with Donald Trump regarding his 2nd Amendment comments, wasn’t even true.


This was also readily apparent during the DNC in Philadelphia. Sam spoke about the incredible bias there two weeks ago (listen to the podcast here). We also included another screen grab of what CNN had to say while the convention was at its most fractured point.


It is no coincidence that CNN was briefly beating Fox News in ratings during the Trump nomination when they were treating him fairly. So it shouldn’t surprise you that since they’ve decided to go anti-Trump 24/7 their ratings have tanked so badly that they are now behind MSNBC.

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