Conservative Hand Measuring Contest

Conservative Hand Measuring Contest

Why were so many experts so wrong about Trump? No matter how many articles I read on why Trump won, people still don’t get it. It’s these same experts equivocating and making excuses for why they were wrong – why they couldn’t have known.
And you see the same when it comes to Ted Cruz. No matter how many Cruz campaign autopsies from top political coroners, you won’t learn anything.
This is why the Republican party struggles so badly to field electable presidential candidates. It’s not about being a nice moderate bridge-builder. If it were McCain would have been elected by a landslide. It’s not about appealing to religious conservatives after governing a liberal state. If it were then we’d have RomneyCare right now (and maybe a functioning website).
The truth of Trump is elusive to inside-the-beltway pundits. But it shouldn’t be. Common sense politicos, especially those of us here on the left coast, have some actual perspective. Sam Nation listeners are the people who will understand.
If you’re still listening to the DC insiders, you might as well start calling Miss Cleo to tell you what will happen in November.

While everyone has been wrong about Trump, Sam has been predicting the future with scary accuracy. I was very skeptical when he told me in no uncertain terms that Trump would win way back in July.
Last week he not only predicted Ted Cruz’s loss in Indiana on air, but that Cruz would be out of the race.

Conservative Hand Measuring Contest

One mistake people make is thinking the nomination is a conservative hand measuring contest. It’s not enough to stand up there and say “I’m the most conservative Conservative who ever conserved.” You have to have a message. You have to connect with people.
You can’t run a campaign on a spreadsheet. It has to have heart.
You also don’t want to answer to a bunch of crazy people. And the guys who almost entirely funded his campaign are a couple of wacko-birds from a small town in Texas. They think drunkenness is every bit as grievous as robbery and adultery. They want the Bible to be the primary book used to teach in public schools. And they gave 15 million to the Ted Cruz campaign.
Certainly, Cruz’s awkwardness didn’t help matters.

To hear the full Cruz postmortem from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, listen to the podcast.

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