Most people are afraid to publicly criticize the Black Lives Matter movement. Sam is not most people. This fear has led them to tolerate some absolutely awful behavior.

Be warned, if you say something that should be uncontroversial like, “All Lives Matter,” you will be shut down. Dare to say it on Facebook and you’ll be met by Kool-Aid drinkers calling you racist. Their argument is that “Black Lives Matter” really means “Black Lives Matter (too).” The problem with this argument is the way that Black Lives Matter treats other marginalized groups.

In Toronto they shut down a gay pride parade (where they were invited as honored guests) to make demands. They wouldn’t let the parade continue until the demands were agreed to. Among those demands were that no law enforcement would be allowed to participate in future LGBT Pride parades. I’m guessing that made some LGBT cops feel like “Black Lives Matter (more).”

They specifically admit that they didn’t want the Orlando tragedy to distract from strictly BLM causes… yikes.

It’s awful. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone. If Black Lives Matter is comfortable hijacking a vigil for the victims of Orlando, of course they’re okay hijacking a parade.

From Marginalizing Gays to Worshiping Cop Killer Assata Shakur

Black Lives Matter has decided not to have good role models. And it is a decision. When you look at marches, you don’t see many banners, signs, or t-shirts of Martin Luther King. But you do see a whole lot of Assata Shakur. So who is she?

Assata Shakur is a convicted cop killer. After a decade long rampage with black militant groups, Shakur was convicted of killing two police officers. Shortly after, she broke out of prison and eventually fled to Cuba. Today she remains there and has the honor of being the first female on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist list.

When you bring her up to BLM apologists, they’ll tell you that BLM is a grassroots organization and that they don’t control what people wear on t-shirts or put on signs. They will downplay the role Assata Shakur has in the Black Lives Matter Movement—especially after five law enforcement officers were murdered at their Dallas rally.

Well here’s a post from their official Facebook page.

Or here’s this video of BLM co-founders Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors explaining how they end all Black Lives Matter meetings with a chant written by their “beloved” Assata Shakur.

You might have noticed that the chant seems vaguely familiar. That’s because in addition to murder, Assata Shakur is also guilty of culturally appropriating the Marxist “Workers of the World” chant. (Is nothing sacred?)


Believe the co-founders of Black Lives Matter when they tell you that this is how they end all their meetings. Here is a small compilation of college students reciting their chant like good cult members in meetings and protests across the country.


What Do We Want? Dead Cops!

Sometimes reciting a cop killer’s chant isn’t enough. People might not know who she is. They might not know that “we have a duty to fight for our freedom” is just code. Sometimes you have to get a little more explicit.

These protestors had no problem doing that in New York as they chanted, “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want them? Now!”

Neither did these protestors at the Minnesota State Fair.

And the insanity goes on and on and on…


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