Furries for Syrian Refugees

Furries for Syrian Refugees

The Canadian government has decided to bring in a very large number of Syrian refugees. Once safely in Vancouver, the refugees temporarily stay in the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel. Their stay just happens to coincide with the annual furry convention “VancouFur.”

Sam gives the full report on VancouFur and the Syrian refugee crisis in segment one.

Outsider Candidates

There was a time in the race when Ted Cruz was more vilified by the GOP than Donald Trump. The establishment (read: John McCain and friends) are paranoid of losing control. They want their political favor and graft machine to run properly. At the beginning of the race, the Republican establishment thought there was no chance Donald Trump had staying power in this race. So they took Trump’s side when it came to questions of Ted Cruz’s Canadian citizenship. But the establishment flavor’s of the month keep falling flat with the voters, who seem to be split between Trump and Cruz. They said no to establishment pick Jeb Bush. Then they said no to Rubio. And now they’re saying no to the only candidate the GOP has left to hang their hopes and dreams on – John Kasich.

Hillary’s Less Beautiful, Less Tall Wall

Hillary wanted to separate herself from Donald Trump in the Telemundo debate. But all she succeeded in doing was saying that she agrees with him but wants her wall to be not as beautiful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnqlkShEZQM

Bonus Segment

Only available on the podcast. Sam talks Trump’s plane, pinewood derby cars, and Trump’s media savvy.

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