Generation Snowflake


Generation Snowflake

As the geriatric torchbearer for millennials, Bernie Sanders should at least get a participation trophy after losing California and the nomination.

It’s probably also a good time to remind parents and recovering millennials that Producer Robbie has introduced a participation trophy buyback program here at Sam Nation.

Send us your participation trophies and we will send you a check for exactly what they are worth.

An Alternative to Safe Spaces at UC Irvine

For all those millennials who are unconsolable at the thought of losing that Bern, and for those triggered by the recent visit of provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to their campus, the UCI College Republicans decided to hand out pacifiers to all the protesters before Milo’s scheduled event.

Generation Snowflake

British academic and founder of the think tank Institute of Ideas, Claire Fox has come up with our new favorite term for millennials: Generation Snowflake.

In an article she wrote for the Daily Mail she explains how these feeble-minded snowflakes can’t deal with anything that challenges their world view.



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