Hurricane Trump


Hurricane Trump

Trump is officially a category 4 storm. Sam shares why he’s no longer allowed to watch Bob’s Burgers in front of his kids. And Lena Dunham is still an awful excuse for a human being.

During the 2008 campaign, Hillary’s operatives posted this picture of Barack Obama, intentionally feeding into the idea that he wasn’t born in the United States. It sort of takes the wind out of the sails of Hillary supporters criticizing Trump for his birther comments. Of course, Clintons aides deny it was intended as a smear.


And here’s Hillary Clinton looking down when forced to answer whether her campaign was responsible. (She of course claimed that “to her knowledge” it didn’t come from her campaign.)

Knowing the press would bite, Donald Trump teased the idea that he would talk about the issue of Obama being born outside the United States.

CNN admitted they got played, with Jake Tapper going so far as to call it a “political Rick Roll”


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