Licking the Trump Train

Licking the Trump Train

If you live near the tracks, watch out for a guy dressed like a modern ninja, licking trains.

John Kasich Wins the Presidency!!!

Or at least that’s what it looked like when he finally won his first state of the primary. Not only is Ohio the only state Kasich was won, but it’s his home state. He has literally only won his home state.
John Kasich is still behind Marco Rubio in the delegate count, and Rubio isn’t even in the race anymore! Let’s put this another way: Kasich is fourth in delegates in a three person race.

Why Do Delegate Counts Vary Among News Sources?

The way delegates are awarded is complicated. After being awarded they are then certified. Some candidates gain or lose delegates after the original numbers have been announced. And unfortunately, not all news sources make these updates.

Delegate Math

What does the path to victory look like for each of the candidates? There’s a lot of bad info out there. Delegate counts vary by more than 20 delegates for some candidates among the most major news sources.
We’ve done our own delegate math here at Sam Nation. Sam breaks it down for you in the podcast.

Bonus Segment

Man causes accident at Panda Express Drive-thru. During his field sobriety test he’s asked to recite the alphabet backwards. The man refuses saying he is unfamiliar with the alphabet.
Sam tells you about his favorite ad from the campaign season so far.


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