Mormons Hate Trump

Mormons Hate Trump

Trump gave a speech at AIPAC. And it wasn’t crazy. And it doesn’t stop there.
The New York Times really stepped in it back in January when they condemned Donald Trump for his comments on Brussels. Oops…
Now it’s become a little more awkward for those who want to paint Trump as a no-nothing. No other candidate saw the attack on Brussels coming. The Donald shrugged off the criticisms and less than two months later was proved right.

The Gray Wave

Japan is a little bit more complicated than we’d like to admit. Not all Japanese design, for example, is attractive. Don’t believe me? Go take a look at a Toyota Prius.
Another perception of Japan that is now unravelling is this idea that Japanese people are orderly and honor bound. There’s a gray wave sweeping Japan in which elderly pensioners are committing street crimes like pick pocketing and shoplifting.
In case you think I’m exaggerating, in the first half of 2016, crimes by the elderly have for the first time outpaced crimes committed by juveniles.

Glenn Beck and Fasting Boy

Glenn Beck has trotted out a young boy who has been fasting for Ted Cruz every Tuesday. Beck has claimed that Ted Cruz is “anointed” and the “fulfillment of Mormon prophecy.”
Religious or not, I hope you realize how crazy that is.



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