Old Grumpy Jew Card


Old Grumpy Jew Card

Insincere liberals have been apologizing to Mitt Romney all week. How many of you have seen this¬†article from the Boston Globe on your Facebook feed? If you haven’t yet read it, don’t waste your time. Sam explains what’s written between the lines and the true motivation of the liberal media in instances like this. If you’ve ever wondered how they pick which conservatives to love, listen to his episode.


Identity Politics

Do we really still care if someone is the first Hispanic, female, amputee to serve as mayor of Albuquerque? How is that an accomplishment? Maybe Bernie Sanders could have won the nomination had he played the Old Grumpy Jew card.


How far down the list of firsts do we need to get before it stops mattering? Does anyone really believe that Los Angeles will somehow be a better place once we finally elect its first Malaysian lesbian Comptroller?

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