Orlando: ISIS or Guns?


Orlando: ISIS or Guns?

Sam had a great trip to one of his favorite cities in the world, Mexico City. Why do people here freak out about Mexico City? Like any giant city there are bad parts and there are great parts. The commentary Sam got was, “I hope you didn’t wear your Trump Socks!”

“Oh you mean these socks?” Well Sam wore them. And people gave nothing but thumbs ups and positive comments.


ISIS and the Orlando Shooting

Of course, the left has been predictably nuts blaming the shooting on guns rather than radical Islam. In doing so, they are choosing the feelings of radical Muslims over the lives of gays.

Here’s a guest imam preaching death to days mere miles north of Orlando.

Progressives so badly wanted this case to have nothing to do with Islam. Obama held a press conference to blame guns and stay silent on Islam. But he was forced days later to address the actual issue. He did it by saying that this is a tiny fringe of Islam perverting “one of the world’s great religions.”

So just how tiny is this fraction? We won’t even count the countries that throw gays in jail. We won’t count up the number of Muslims who think homosexuality should be a criminal offense. We’ll just focus on the 10 countries with a combined population of 400 million where being gay is punishable by death.


If you really want to understand ISIS and are willing to read a very long article, I can’t stress how important it is to read this piece form¬†The Atlantic.

But what about assault weapons and the gun violence epidemic?!

Of course we discussed this a week before the attack happened and debunked Katie Couric’s misleading documentary. Sam talks about the failures of the gun control movement briefly. But for the full discussion listen to the podcast from our show on Gun Control and Media Deception.

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