Pizza Saves Lives

Pizza Saves Lives

Domino’s Pizza employees noticed they hadn’t heard from a customer in 11 days. Kirk Alexander had been a regular at the Salem, OR Domino’s for more than a decade.
After sending out a search party, they called the police who found Alexander in his home with a life threatening medical condition. It’s like I always say, kids, pizza saves lives.

Meet the New Media. Same as the Old Media.

Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in America. Many people today still don’t know how he lied to push his causes. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, he did just that.
It’s nice to see that America has become more savvy since then. Personally, I credit Sam Nation. Many of you cynics simply filed it under “unsurprising” when it was revealed this week by Gizmodo that Facebook curators censor conservative news that trends organically.
If they wanted to do us all a favor they’d just censor Jeb Bush instead, with his embarrassing display of sore-losership.

Hillary is Schlonging Bernie

But is she playing by the rules? Sam reveals some very interesting comparisons of delegate counts between the two and some possible explanations. Exactly how cozy is Hillary Clinton with the DNC chairwoman?

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