Political Dating


Political Dating

Do you remember when, during those tender pubescent years, your parent said something to embarrass you in front of the opposite sex? Imagine that continuing well into middle age. 49-year-old Utah Businessman Barron Brooks was horrified to discover his father had taken out a full page ad in the newspaper in hopes of finally getting some grandchildren.

The conservative Utah Businessman should have just joined Trump Singles. A site that actually looks to be up and running. Producer Robbie will investigate and report next week.

If you’re so #NeverTrump that you want to flee the country once he wins, you might not be in much luck. There is a dating site that seeks to match Trumpugees with Canadian paramour sponsors, but the liberals running it can’t seem to get the app off the ground.

Producer Robbie is on the waitlist. He submitted his information more than a month ago and so far has only received emails begging him to buy a T-Shirt. Which is a shame considering his great profile.

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UC Irvine Suspends College Republicans

The UCI College Republicans hosted Breitbart editor and openly fabulous provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos a few weeks ago. When they indicated to the administration they’d be inviting him back, the bureaucrats suddenly developed a work ethic and dug to find something they could pin on the club.

There was an insurance form the administration had sent by email the day before the event. There wasn’t time to fill the request, so it went unfulfilled. These administrators then used that as pretext to single out the College Republicans and suspend them.

Unfortunately for the administration, this won’t stand. And unless they fully back down soon, they’re going to find themselves on the losing end of a lawsuit.

Entrepreneurship Way Down Among Millennials

Maybe this ties into the way colleges are treating College Republicans, who I’d guess are much more likely to start small businesses than others at the school. The entrepreneur is no longer welcome among this group of entitled, participation trophy holding, safe-space cowering, trigger warned, micro-aggressed, fainting couch pansies.


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