Prince Rebus and the GOP Establishment

Prince Rebus and the GOP Establishment

Touching Robots Causes Arousal in Humans

Researchers in California have discovered that touching a robot’s no-no area causes arousal in humans.
Listen to the podcast to hear Sam explain to you why Trump is like a sex doll that voters have decided to take home, akin to Lars and the Real Girl.

What does Wisconsin mean?

Cruz was expected to win in Wisconsin, but did even better than expected. Cruz lives! Trump has been mortally wounded! At least, that’s the narrative being pushed by the #NeverTrump crowd.
But everyone has been predicting the demise of Trump on an almost daily basis. Here at Sam Nation, we’ve been one of the very few voices saying from the very beginning that this is a real movement. And that it’s not going away.

Confetti Kasich and Delegate Math

Remember when you played a sport and your coach asked you to give 110%. Seemed ridiculous, right? But even your coach who didn’t understand percentages never would have asked you to give 144%. That’s the percentage of remaining delegates Kasich needs right now to get the nomination.
Kasich is doing so poorly that he’s still behind Marco Rubio, who dropped out three weeks ago.
Cruz isn’t doing a whole lot better. He needs 96.8% of the remaining delegates. That’s an impossibility. If you disagree please email me at so we can arrange a friendly wager.
Trump is within striking distance of getting 1237 delegates, but his success is far from certain.
Listen to the podcast to hear Sam’s full breakdown of the numbers.

Adult Coloring Books

Unfortunately, we don’t mean coloring books of an adult nature. They’re just pages of mundane, colorless sketches geared toward adults. Before you think this is some obscure sub-culture we’ve uncovered here at Sam Nation, take a moment and let it sink in that the two top-selling books on Amazon right now are coloring books for adults.
The trend is so massive that it has actually caused a global shortage of colored pencils.

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