Riots = Free Stuff


Riots = Free Stuff

Snowflake millennials might want to sit this one out. Because Sam gets real on rioting, racism, and police violence.

Donald Trump’s Statement on Tulsa (below) seemed to hit the right tone. He recognized the situation as an individual situation. Whereas Hillary Clinton just pandered as usual.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of statements even worse than that made by Hillary Clinton. One such statement was from the president of the Charlotte NAACP.

“At the end of the day, you know, a video may show a different perspective, depending on the angle, and so it will have many different angles. You may not get the full picture. I think the most important part is the contrast in him having a book versus a gun, but in my mind, and in most of the community’s mind, it really doesn’t matter if he had a gun. At the end of the day we have the right under the Second Amendment to carry here in North Carolina. And their responsibility was to engage him in a more de-escalated way, to find out if he had a permit for his gun, and allow him to go on his merry way, and he would still be living today. That’s not what happened. And so, I don’t want anyone to walk away from this conversation today thinking that a video showing he had a gun in any way says that he was guilty of anything…

…We had a case just recently, where, the gun — the gunman actually shot cops. He was brought down. It was disengaged — he was de-engaged, de-escalated. He was allowed to live. And all we’re asking for is the same treatment.”

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