Sam’s Naughty List


Sam’s Naughty List

Sam gets a little bit further into the Berlin attack as it relates to our own immigration and unveils his “naughty and nice” list for 2016.

The following naughty individuals will be getting a big lump of Virginia coal.

  • Megyn Kelly
  • Van Jones
  • Donna Brazille
  • Debbie Wasserman Shultz
  • John Podesta
  • Huma Abedin
  • Anthony Weiner
  • Loretta Lynch
  • Jill Stein
  • Paul Ryan
  • Chris Suprun
  • James Comey
  • Mitt Romney
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Apple (for taking away the gun emoji and replacing it with a water pistol)

But not all was bad in 2016 and Sam Nation would like to extend some love to:

  • Former Secret Service Officer¬†Gary Byrne
  • The Santa Clause who was fired for fat-shaming a nine-year-old kid
  • Dr Drew
  • And unexpectedly George Lopez, for vowing to follow through on his promise to leave the country in the case of a President Trump
  • Harambe


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