Slick Willy and the Lolita Express


Slick Willy and the Lolita Express

Anthony Weiner has made his previous exploits look like child’s play. If his sext that included his kid in the picture¬†a couple weeks ago wasn’t bad enough, he’s now been caught sexting a 15 year old girl.

As far as Weiner goes, Trump sums it up best with some fantastic miming to go along with it. I don’t know if Trump plays charades, but his depiction of sexting is spot on.


Is there anyone worse than Anthony Weiner? Well actually there is. His name is Jeffrey Epstein and he’s a billionaire pedophile. He’s also a very close friend to many influential people including Bill Clinton.

Hell, even Stephen Hawking has visited Epstein’s private Island of Sin.


Epstein’s private jet is famed for its sex parties with underage girls and has been dubbed the Lolita Express. Bill Clinton has been a guest on that jet at least 26 times. Many of those occasions he made his secret service detail stay behind.

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