The Disneyland Lobby and Trump

The Disneyland Lobby and Trump

How to Get Potholes Fixed

Last year a man started drawing penises around potholes in Britain so that they would get fixed. It worked. Now a Mississippi man may have found a more family-friendly way to get the government to pay attention.

The Disneyland Lobby

There have been clashes all week between Donald Trump supporters and Trump protestors. And by that I mean that the anti-Trump crowd (on the basis of Donald Trump’s message making them feel unsafe) have been assaulting peaceful Trump supporters.
In one of these confrontations, anti-Trump protestors deployed pepper spray at peaceful Trump supporters (including children). So what does this have to do with the Disneyland lobby?
Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray is one of the key proponents of policies that favor Disneyland. She even took a girls trip to Europe with their head lobbyist. She’s also the councilwoman who brought forward a city resolution that would denounce Donald Trump. How are the two connected? And why would a city council spend five hours debating a resolution to denounce Donald Trump?
Sam explains in the podcast.

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