The Tax Man Cometh

The Tax Man Cometh


Sam managed to get everyone he knows to Kobe’s last game while he stayed at home and went to bed early. Not only did he give away his own tickets so he could attend a deposition in San Francisco, but he got his associate attorney back to Los Angeles in time to see the game. Producer Robbie was not on the recipient list.

Trump in Colorado

The narrative has been, “the rules are the rules. Donald Trump is just whining because he lost.” And it’s true. The rules are the rules. Except when they aren’t the rules as we saw last election cycle. The GOP decided to change the rules mid-nomination process to shut out anti-establishment candidate Ron Paul.
So not only is that a disingenuous statement by the GOP, but there’s something more important going on here. Many of the “legitimate” rules are intentionally anti-democratic.

The Tax Man Cometh

Do you like giving the government 1/3 or even 1/2 of your income? Does it make you feel good and patriotic? If so you might not want to look into what the government actually spends your money on.

Trump and Bernie vs The Establishment

One thing has become painfully obvious over the past year. Voters are very sick of being sidelined by the two major political parties. But the way both parties have responded to this has been to marginalize the voters even further.
It might not be the best move and will lead to some serious consequences for both major parties.

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