Trump II: The Reboot


Trump II: The Reboot

What does the latest Trump campaign shakeup mean for the election? The new Ghostbuster movie gives a bad name to reboots. But Sam will tell you why the newest reinvention of the Trump campaign is good—not just because of the potential outcome, but because of what it says about Trump’s executive process.

There’s no denying that Trump lost his way for a couple weeks. But perhaps reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. At some point we’ll make a list for you of all the times people in the media have declared the Trump campaign was over.

Now it seems that Trump has made some changes to get the campaign back on track. The media is, of course, interpreting this improvement as more evidence Trump is doomed.

Black Lives Do Matter

Trump addressed race this week. And because of his frank comments, he’s seeing a YUGE uptick among black voters. Which just goes to support what we’ve said on Sam Nation all along. Black people don’t like being lied to and played by the media any more than white people do. People like honesty.

So if we accept the statements that black lives do matter and address the disheartening statistics that show blacks are disproportionately victims of violent crime, what can be done about it?

If you’re looking for answers, don’t look to the Democrats who have been in charge of the ten most dangerous cities for decades. Their answers obviously aren’t working. So who has been successful at addressing violent crime and why? Listen to Sam’s analysis of Rudy Giuliani’s success in New York City.

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