Trump One Pence Richer


Trump One Pence Richer

As Sam predicted, no indictment came down for Hillary Clinton. And as he also foresaw, no indictment would be a bad thing for Hillary’s campaign. It’s made her poll numbers drop like a rock while Trump has gained ground.

There’s a sentiment that the Clintons get to play by one set of rules while everyone else is forced to play by another. And that sentiment isn’t wrong.

Mike Pence wins the Trump Veepstakes!

It didn’t come as a huge surprise, but there were other contenders. Trump is definitely sticking to his instincts. He’s gone against the advice of all those telling him he needs to pick a minority or a female. Consultants say that Trump has issues with Hispanics, blacks, and women. Optics are great and all, but the best person for the job might not always be a half-black, half-Latina transgender female war hero.

So Trump went with his instincts and found who he thought was best suited to the position. And that turned out to be a middle-aged white man. Don’t hold your breath for any weird apologies about binders full of women either.

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