Trump Socks

Trump Socks

Sam received some especially obnoxious Donald Trump socks as a gift. So he felt his trip to San Francisco would be the perfect opportunity to wear them.

Minimum wage kills

Finally, after months of foreplay, Sam finally gets into the minimum wage. Listen in and find out why the minimum wage is

So has Trump equivocated on the minimum wage? Forbes certainly isn’t in the tank for Trump. But they love his position on minimum wage.

Moving out of the country because Trump got elected? There’s an app for that.

Everyone’s looking to fill a demand and make a profit. Millennials notoriously can’t seem to move out of their parents’ houses. Yet 49% say they’ll consider moving out of the country when Trump is elected.
Enter Maple Match, a dating service that connects Trump refugees with Canadian partners. Unfortunately there’s a waitlist. But we’ve decided to shake that maple tree and see what falls out.
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