Trump University


Trump University

The liberal media has been making a huge deal over Trump’s comments regarding the judge presiding over the Trump University case. Even conservative sites like Red State have been denouncing his comments. They’ve made it a special point to claim there is no connection between La Raza Lawyers of San Diego and the National Council of La Raza.

Unfortunately for Red State, more responsible conservative outlets are reporting the actual facts.

As an attorney it is completely appropriate to advocate controversial causes. But as a judge you need to wear the blindfold. It seems Judge Curiel might not be impartial in that sense. He is part of a group that is strongly against a wall and against deportation.

Those positions have merit. And the legal work Curiel did as a lawyer to help illegal immigrants isn’t out of bounds. But now he’s a judge. And it’s also not out of bounds for Trump to question the impartiality of a judge who has made a career helping the causes of a race-based Latino advocacy group.

More simply, you have a defendant who strongly advocates many controversial causes. And the judge in the case is strongly against all of those causes. Should Trump not be allowed to question his impartiality just because race is involved.

Supporting Trump Isn’t Easy

Do you Trump supporters dare put a Trump bumper sticker on your car? I wouldn’t dream of doing it here in California. You can rest easy that Trump supporters aren’t going to vandalize your car because of a Bernie sticker. Unfortunately that same courtesy isn’t extended by those who support Bernie.

And the Hillary supporters aren’t that much better. It’s even harder if you’re a single Trump supporter trying to date. Well now there’s an app for that. Sign up and see if you can find Producer Robbie’s profile in the mix.




Beware the Beard

Granted this Oregon woman who loves her beard is probably a Bernie Sanders supporter. But I still want to make sure my listeners are careful with their online dating. Don’t go swiping right on every picture that pops up in Trump Singles. You might end up matching with someone you’re not all that into.


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