Trump vs the Media


Trump vs the Media

Why don’t more politicians treat the media the way Trump does? Is it because it’s wrong to do? Or do politicians play soft with the press for their own self interest?

When Sam was young he visited DC, the place that used to be a literal swamp but is now only figuratively one. And the cozy relationship between politicians and members of the press is one cause of the problem.

It starts early on in the career of any politician or journalist. Journalists get access through positive reporting. Politicians play nice and feel grateful for any positive press. Imagine how scary it would be as a politician to have journalists upset with you. They are the ones framing the national discussion about you.

But Donald Trump didn’t climb up a political ladder before running for president. He didn’t make those same cozy relationships with DC’s political press. And he creates his own media buzz. He doesn’t depend on journalists for coverage.

All of this enables Trump to challenge the media the way he did on this past week.

The retired Marine followed up Trump with some words for the media that hit much harder than when Trump called Tom Llamas a sleaze.

AL BALDASARO: For the record, I am a state representative from New Hampshire, ten years on the Veterans Affairs Committee, 22 years in the Marine Corps… What I want to clarify here, first of all, I would never, ever in a million years put my name on a candidate who did not from his heart, look me in the eye and tell me he is concerned about veterans. That is Donald Trump. I met him over a year ago.

I’ve been involved with many fundraisers, there are many scam artists out there — he did the right thing by vetting those groups. You look at some of these groups giving 20 cents, 40 cents on the dollar, spending the rest for nice lavish trips. He gave 100%.

The liberal media is the only ones who have been calling me… I’ve been dealing with this stuff for years as a veterans’ activist.

Stop using veterans as political pawns. You got a guy outside, McCoy. Go do a Google search on him, look at his Facebook. He’s out there he has pictures with the Clintons. They are using veterans as political pawns, it must stop.

Donald Trump is doing this from the heart. You’re all focused on the way he is raising money, and you’re not looking at the 22 veterans who are killing each other every day.

You’re not concerned about the thousands of veterans that are on waitlists. Look at his plan — on Trump’s website– he talks about medical cards, he talks about fixing the VA, he talks about competition.

I think the liberal media –and I’ve been dealing with you for a long time– Get your heads out of your butts and focus on the real issues.¬†

If you’d like the VA scandal¬†described through song in all its horrifying details, Remy at Reason does a great job.

All that and Katie Couric’s deceptive editing on this episode of Sam Nation.

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