What the hell is a Trumposexual? From Reddit:


Being a Trump supporter is like being gay.
Most of us stay in the closest because we dont exactly know who will support us and who will call us inhuman names.
But you all know a Trump supporter. At least one in every two Americans is a Trumposexual.
We are not brooding and drooling graduates of a GED program.
As you begin to see yourselves in us, realize we are not freaks of nature. We are good, decent, tax paying members of your community.
We just want to be loved for who we are.
We want the right to be who we really are without fear of discrimination.
Trumposexuals are here to stay.
Love us for who we are; dont be afraid.
Im for Trump and Im out of the Closet.
Orlando was our Stonewall.
You know a Trumposexual, so smile at us…we are your children, brothers, sisters, priests, rabbis, ministers, teachers, doctors and lawyers. We are not different or strange. We are you.
We are Trumposexuals
Love us for who we are, dont hate us out of your fear.
Love the Trumposexual.

Sam’s said it before and he’ll say it again, if you live in a major city and you care about your car, you aren’t putting a #Trump2016 sticker on it.

People are justifiably scared to come out of the closet for Trump. And not just because of the physical violence toward Trump supporters at rallies. They hear the constant drum beat of insults hurled at anyone who dares say anything positive about The Donald.

Nixon had his silent majority. If Trump wins, his victory will be credited to a silenced majority.

Did the AP just throw Hillary under the bus?

Yes and no. The question here is all about timing. And while they didn’t go so far as to release the story on the Friday before a holiday weekend, they are giving plenty of time for the story to fizzle away and die before November.

If you were too busy living a fulfilling, Hillary-free life last week, here’s the story the AP put out detailing her pay-to-play scheme as Secretary of State. The allegations have even led Hillary to admit there’s smoke, though she still declares there’s no fire.

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