We Have Nothing to Lose but Our Minds


We Have Nothing to Lose but Our Minds

Back in September we talked about the Oberlin Manifesto, where students at Oberlin College wrote a demand that included 14 pages of ridiculous complaints and demands.

  • Cafeteria Bahn Mi sandwiches are racist because the quality isn’t as good as you’d get in Vietnam
  • Black students should have their own segregated safe spaces where whites aren’t allowed
  • Black students should be paid by the college to protest.

Well they seem to have learned their lesson. Because now they’ve come back with some additional demands

  • No grades lower than a C can be given
  • Midterms should be replaced by a conversation with the professor

The reason is that striving for good grades is getting in the way of their activism. That’s not a joke. That is their stated reason. Creating signs and loudly whining is affecting their grades.

Their solution is not to whine a little bit less and study a little bit more. The world must revolve around them and adjust itself to their protesting whims.

So what does this protesting they want to do look like?

This is literally the creepiest thing I’ve seen since that Scientology documentary. So students are basically saying they need less fairly graded free inquiry and more creepy cult indoctrination.

If that chant sounds vaguely familiar it’s because it’s just repackaged Marxism. “Workers of the world unite. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

If that’s not a solid enough connection to Marxism for you, take a look a the new chant’s author, domestic terrorist Assata Shakur. After killing a cop (and committing other murders) she escaped from prison and eventually to Cuba, where she remains. She also has the distinct honor of being the first woman on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list.

Minimum Wage Revisited

Sam revisits minimum wage to make a connection you probably haven’t heard between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Fight for Fifteen protests that advocate a fifteen dollar minimum wage.

If you’re looking to explain to your friends why the Fight for Fifteen is total insanity, check out last week’s show.

The bottom line isn’t just that the minimum wage hurts the economy. Is that it hurts the exact people it claims to help.

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