Where There’s Smoke, There’s Hillary


Where There’s Smoke, There’s Hillary

There’s been a lot of smoke around the Clinton Foundation and the alleged pay-to-play schemes run by Hillary. Even Hillary now admits there’s smoke (though she says there’s still no fire).

So what’s the scheme? It’s selling access to Hillary Clinton’s State Department for favors. Some favors seem corrupt, but ultimately small. Like making exceptions for athletes with criminal records to immigrate.

But some of these issues are really big. Like selling uranium to Russian companies. Yes, uranium. As in nuclear bomb material.

How does Hillary get away with this stuff?


“One of the things Hillary Clinton has done very cleverly is she has made all of her aides… attorneys. If you’re gonna do bad stuff, only hire lawyers—licensed attorneys—to be your cohorts. Because what she’s insisted at every stage is that they aren’t just her assistants, they aren’t just her henchmen, but they’re also her lawyers and attorney client privilege applies. And she’s played the privilege card very heavily.”

-Sam Mirejovsky on Sam Nation, Talk Radio AM 790 KABC


But hey, at least Hillary is now taking steps to prevent these conflicts of interest in case she becomes president… like putting Chelsea on the board of the Clinton Foundation.


“This is the dark side of politics. Paying people to come in and give a speech. It really is just a way to garner a favor… and if you think for a minute that this behavior is going to change or stop—abate in any way if Hillary Clinton is elected president—you’re out of your mind.”

-Sam Mirejovsky on Sam Nation, Talk Radio AM 790 KABC


What can we do about this Clinton corruption? Well Karachi, Pakistan may have the answer. Their newly elected mayor is a criminal. And they’re seriously considering having him run the city from an office in prison!


CNN Update!

Where was the Clinton News Network while all these new emails came out this week? Here’s a fun little game you can play at home. Any time bad news for Hillary breaks in the news, go to CNN’s website and try to find the negative Hillary Clinton news.

Here’s a screenshot from late Wednesday, many hours after the emails broke.CNN media bias


Sacred Cows

India has done something brilliant. Because cows can roam freely, there are some bad car accidents at night with stray cattle who wander onto the roads. Now India has gone for a simple, effective solution—glow in the dark horns.



Personally, I think a moose with giant, glow-in-the-dark antlers would look pretty cool. But until then drive carefully, watch for animals, and if you get into an accident call Sweet James.

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