Why Millennials Get Fired


Why Millennials Get Fired

A group of interns decided they didn’t like their dress code. So they started a petition. Take a wild guess what happened…

From the Daily Mail:

The next day, those who signed the petition were shocked after being called into a meeting where they were told as a result of their ‘unprofessional’ behavior, they were being let go.

We were told to hand in our ID badges and to gather our things and leave the property ASAP,’ the reader wrote.

We were shocked. The proposal was written professionally like examples I have learned about in school, and our arguments were thought out and well-reasoned.

Alison Green (pictured) who is the voice behind the blog, wrote in response to the reader’s request for advice that firing the whole group of interns was ‘pretty extreme’ but noted they were out of line

We weren’t even given a chance to discuss it. The worst part is that just before the meeting ended, one of the managers told us that the worker who was allowed to disobey the dress code was a former soldier who lost her leg and was therefore given permission to wear whatever kind of shoes she could walk in.

Sam also has some thought regarding his recent trip to Alberta, Canada. And of course, as with all trips abroad, he wore his Trump socks.


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