• Soros Funding McCain?

    Billionaire George Soros, famous for supporting radical left wing causes, has been quietly supporting a few establishment Republicans. Why? Sam explains Soros’ new interest in Republicans and Nordstrom’s decision to dump Trump.

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  • Vlad the Impaler

    In Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly he went very easy on Vladimir Putin. He even went so far as to say to play down comments that Putin is a killer. Sam explains Trump’s strategy here in maintaining his much criticized position on Russia’s president. Add to that Lena Dunham’s Trump induced weight loss and we’ve got a great start to the week.

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  • Santa Anna's Fake Leg

    How does General Santa Anna’s fake leg fit into our current troubles with Mexico? Sam’s got an answer for that. And as a giant bonus, Sweet James Bergener shows up to teach Sam about the Super Bowl.

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  • Already Tired of Winning

    Trump has hit the ground running with a barrage of actions and Executive Orders. It’s such a target rich environment that Dems can’t figure out where to aim. And that’s completely intentional on Trump’s part.

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  • Small Hands, Big Balls

    While Democrats play games and fake tears, Trump has upgraded his train to a steamroller. Democrats were open to immigration pauses from trouble countries barely more than a year ago. Even crocodile tear Chuck Schumer thought it might be necessary. So don’t believe what you’re seeing all over Facebook. A sizable majority of Americans support a temporary ban on immigration from troubled spots.

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  • Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous (The Obama Edition)

    Why did the Obamas cut their Palm Springs vacation short? Sam explains the possible reasons and why their following destination holds clues to what an Obama’s post presidency plans. All that and Governor Moonbeam on tonight’s show.

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  • Man of Action

    Trump has hit the ground running with a series of Executive Orders and movement on his promises. It’s been a devastatingly effective five days on starting to undo the damage caused by Obama’s presidency.
    It’s surprising the unhinged left isn’t referring to his first week as a blitzkrieg…. yet.

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  • Trump Day

    Sam, who predicted Trump’s victory all the way back in 2015, opens with a montage of all the people who said Trump had a 0% chance of becoming president. Grab the podcast and hear Sam breakdown the events of inauguration day and Trump’s speech.

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  • Inaugural Tantrums

    With mere hours until the Trump inauguration, groups are lining up to protest. Is this normal? The four inaugurations that stood out for protests can all be claimed by two presidents — George W Bush and Richard Nixon.
    So what do you do if your millennial snowflake is taking the week off to throw a Trump tantrum?
    Mark Ellis has some advice in his article, How to talk Trump with your terrified progressive adult children. But Sam Nation has some different advice.

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  • Trump's First 100 Days

    All signs point to a Donald Trump who will hit the ground running his first day in office? Some of his first acts will be cleaning up the messes Obama has left for him. But expect some big changes to come quickly. Sam Nation explains.

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  • California Goobers

    Election 2016 is done and Trump is all but inaugurated. But in many ways the 2018 election is much more important here in California and in other states with gubernatorial elections during the midterm.
    Why is the California gubernatorial election so important? It’s not like a Republican could win. Democrats don’t just have a majority here, they have a super-majority!
    Not so fast. Sam tells you how things could get shaken up here in the Golden State.

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  • What's Wrong with California?

    We definitely don’t have the time to answer that question completely. I’m not sure anyone does. But Sam does manage to tackle the question and some of the answers to our insane housing costs.

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  • CNN Gets Put in Timeout

    After running some “fake news,” a salacious story about Trump hiring prostitutes to urinate on a bed Obama slept in, CNN is on The Donald’s naughty list.

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  • Obama's Non-Farewell Speech

    Sam reacts to Obama’s speech, California’s mass exodus, and the Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech, and the possibility that Trump wasn’t actually mocking a reporter for being disabled.

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  • Deep Panda

    Everyone is freaking out about the Russian “hack.” But how much of a hack was it? Sam explains why Russia really isn’t our biggest cyber enemy.

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  • Gutting the Intelligence Community

    Bureaucratic bloat can slow down any organization. And the Intelligence Community is no exception. So is Trump’s shakeup of intelligence agencies a good thing? The devil is in the details.

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  • Is Trump "Literally Hitler"?

    Jan Chamberlin of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has left the singing group to protest their upcoming performance at Trump’s inauguration. She said she “could never throw roses to Hitler.” So how dangerous is Trump?

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  • California Decriminalizes Underage Prostitution

    Sam talks expelling Russian Diplomats and the crazy California legislature’s new bill decriminalizing underage prostitution.

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  • A Steaming Pile of Obama Droppings

    Sam talks about the steaming piles of crap Obama has left for Trump to clean up starting January 20th and answers why so many celebrities have died this year.

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  • Technical Difficulties

    KABC has officially settled into a new studio. And unfortunately, that comes with some technical difficulties. Regardless, Sam brings you the latest news while most other radio hosts are calling for subs or doing a best-of program. Of particular interest is Obama’s interview with David Axelrod and Sam’s theory on this downed aircraft Russia claims has nothing to do with terrorism.

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