• Sam's Naughty List

    Sam gets a little bit further into the Berlin attack as it relates to our own immigration and unveils his “naughty and nice” list for 2016.

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  • Faithless Electors for Faith Spotted Eagle

    As predicted on Sam Nation, the left’s test attempt to block Trump also failed.
    On top of the left being oblivious to the reasons Trump one, they’re also completely oblivious to the issues behind the terrorist attacks in Berlin and Turkey today.

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  • Russian Scum!

    “The 1980s called. They want their foreign policy back.” Remember when Obama responded to Romney with that zinger. The problem Democrats had was that Romney named Russia as the biggest geopolitical foe to the United States. So why are Democrats now freaking out that Trump is trying to have friendlier relations with Russia?
    It can’t be just that Russia is a bad guy. Because Democrats responded in the exact opposite way with Trump’s posturing toward China. Apparently they want him to be tough with Russia because Russia is bad. But they want him to be nice to China. Because China is good?
    The more likely explanation is that they are simply against anything Trump does.

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  • What Exactly Is Fake News?

    The same people decrying fake news are some of the most biased sources out there. Sam talks fake news, censorship, and Geert Wilders.

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  • In Favor of Fat Shaming

    Sam talked liberals in denial, an expensive rehab for millennials facility, and Santa fat shaming a nine-year-old.

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  • Rogue Electors

    How many times will #NeverTrumpers let people sell them a bill of goods? First it was that Hillary can’t Lose. Then it was Evan McMullin. After that Jill Stein’s recount. And now it’s rogue electors who are going to use the Electoral College and prevent the monster Trump from taking power.

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  • Bullying Boeing

    Did you ever think you’d live to see the day that liberals are upset a president had a negative effect on the stock of a defense contractor? Well that’s how much they reflexively hate anything Trump does. No matter what it is. Trump could outlaw fossil fuels and liberals would suddenly stop believing in climate change.

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  • Make Cuba Great Again

    Is there a difference between capitalist dictators and communist dictators? After the embarrassing breakdown of Fidel’s funeral car mid-procession, Sam talks Castro vs Pinochet — somehow tying it all into campus culture and the snowflake generation.

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  • The Most Important 6 Inches

    On the anniversary of the San Bernardino attacks, Sam discusses how the appointment of Mad Dog Mattis will affect our …

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  • Alicia Machado for Department of Posterior

    Romney for Secretary of State? Let’s hope not. Sam talks about Donald Trump’s cabinet. Rumor is former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado is being offered the Department of Posterior job. Bonus: What would Sam Nation be without a little controversial discussion on Islam.

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  • The Recount Scam

    Hillary isn’t content doing Robitussin commercials. She needs to find a way back into the cash grabbing game. Enter Jill Stein and her recount scam. No wonder Hillary is on board. With Clinton Foundation donations slowing to a trickle she’s sniffing out cash wherever she can find it. But Sam encourages you liberals not to fall for it You’re gonna need to save that money for your one way ticket to Canada.
    On the Trump side of things everyone is talking about Romney and Patreus. But will Trump nominate John Bolton for Secretary of State, instead? Sam Explains his theory.

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  • Fake News and the Russians

    The stages of grief are real. Democrats are still in the denial stage. Last episode we talked about voting machine conspiracies. Now Democrats are blaming the election results on “fake” news and the Russians.

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  • Thanksgiving Live

    Sam Nation might be the only show coming to you live on Thanksgiving. Which means we can give you the information you need to know when your drunk uncle starts talking about how the voting machines were rigged. That’s Jill Stein taking advantage of Hillary’s desperate supporters. Nothing more.

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  • Barbados

    Live from Barbados! Sam talks colonialism, Obama, and pardoning Crooked Hillary Clinton.

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  • The Blabberati

    Sam Nation Glossary: Blabberati – The self-important group of media elites who value access to the president and seat placement at the White House Press Corps above all else.

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  • Safety-Pin Slacktivism

    Why the Kings are great and safety pins are stupid. Safety pins? Yes, those safety pins liberals are wearing as self-awarded gold stars and social justice swag.

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  • Immigrants Who Love Our Country

    Sam talks about his parents’ immigration from communist Czechoslovakia. They came here to be American. Why would anyone move to a country they hate?

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  • Basket of Deportables

    Just like presidents before him, Trump seems to be loosening his commitments to certain campaign promises. This should give those on the left a little sigh of relief. But instead they’ve taken to the streets waving Mexican flags.

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  • Orange Is the New Black

    Sam has been saying Trump would win for more than a year. Even before Trump was nominated. How was he able to know?

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  • Pollsters for Hillary

    Don’t trust the polls. While anything could happen Tuesday, there are some very serious issues with most of the polling being done.

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