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On Demand
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Make Radio Great Again

Sam Mirejovsky brings new energy and life to the classic talk radio format.
With his original analysis and fresh perspective, Sam gives you a breakdown of today’s news and politics that you won’t get anywhere else. And just as importantly, he’s right.
For outside-the-beltway politicos, Sam Nation is the holy grail of talk radio.

To the Younger Ears Tuning In

A #TriggerWarning to Millennials: This is not a safe space. Third wave intersectional feminists will find the show #problematic. It’s full of #microaggressions, #macroaggressions, #culturalappropriation and a whole host of other hashtags made up by whiny college students and social justice activists.
Think of the show as an intervention. This is your weekly insensitivity training. We don’t give participation trophies for listening. But we will give you the ammo you need to challenge your misguided peers.
So tune in and #GetTriggered.

For the More Seasoned Talk Radio Listener

If you have heart problems or high blood pressure, please talk to your doctor before listening to Sam Nation.